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Note: this site is not finished! I have much more material to add, but time eludes me. I will endeavor to add more as I can.
First of all, let me thank
Lori Corangelo who became the driving force behind this website attempt, without her, none of this would have ever happened.

In this site you may run across various spellings of the Carangelo name.

I have noted several variant spellings even among siblings of the same family, so this seems to be a matter of preference rather than a slow evolution of the name, as is found in many other surname variants.

Some of the more common ones are "Caranglo", "Carangalo", and "Cranglo", and occasionally Colangelo as well.

The surname 'Carangelo' has been attributed the meaning of 'dear angel' by some, but other authorities list it as unknown.

The majority of Carangelos originated in central Italy, France, and Switzerland and settled mainly in the northeastern part of the United States. Like immigrants today, the migration paths followed the major transportation routes inland from New York City.

Each individual page of this site will focus on one particular set of 'founders', based on where they chose to settle, but I imagine that even the founders were probably closely related. That remains one of the unsolved mysteries we currently have.
The goal of this site is to work together to solve some of these detective mysteries, so put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and get to work!